General Tournament Etiquette and Info


  • Archers should stay in the shooting area until the line is finished.
  • Quiet please while archers are still on the line.
  • Practice line etiquette at all times.

Dress Code

  • Wear your Team Shirt
  • Do not wear blue jeans


  • Each archer is responsible to fill out the top of their score cards completely. Name & club are a must. Division/style/gender/age of youth and seniors.
  • If there is an error found on the scorecard after it is turned in, it will be disqualified.
  • If you have youth shooting please check their scorecards before it is turned in.

Equipment Inspection

  • Place holder

Hints and Tips

  • Have more than one pen or pencil in your quiver.
  • If you can, have multiple finger tabs, arm guards, finger slings.