FITA 450

This document is still being worked on.

All arrows will be shot straddling the 20 yard line. (show them the line)

We will shoot 3 arrows per end with a total of 45 arrows scored. There will be a 15 minute break after the first 8 scoring ends.

You will have 2 ½ minutes to shoot each end.

The first 2 ends will be for practice.

Arrows on the 1-spot will be scored 10 through 1. On the 3-spot target scoring is 10 through 6. Arrows touching the line will be scored in the higher scoring area. The smallest ring inside the ten ring will be scored as an “X” on your scorecard.

Do not touch the arrows or the target face until all arrows have been scored by the scoring group of archers.

You may request a line captain to score and arrow only after the arrow has been scored by the scoring group of archers. Do not pull any arrows until the arrow in question has been scored by the line captain

On the last three ends score the ten ring inside out on the back of the scorecard in addition to the normal scoring.

Witnessed bounce-outs in the scoring area will be re-shot
If an arrow completely passes the ten foot line then the arrow is considered shot.
In event of equipment failure, notify the line captain. You will have 15 minutes to repair the failure and one practice end before continuing to shoot. Missed ends will be made up at either during the break or at the end of the round.