Bows For Sale

Okay folks, Ore Creek Archery Club has 7 Rolen Dakota right-handed re-curve bows for sale.

The Specs for these bows are: Blue resin riser with wood laminate limbs. AMO 62″ with 20# limbs. All of these bows are shootable right now. Some have inexpensive sights installed, some do not. all need some form of maintenance like new strings, waxing strings, new arrow rests etc. and all are sold AS-ISĀ for $50.00. shipping is extra.

The money gained from the sale of these bows will help fund our equipment “scholarship” fund that we use to provide competitive equipment on a loaner basis to our young members that want to be able to compete in tournaments, but who’s family cannot afford to purchase equipment for them.

Please contact us through the contact page to arrange your purchase of one or more of these bows.