ADMIN Help – Create a Club Member


Even though people will likely sign up using the website it's sometimes convenient for us to do it for them.


Click on the Users button in the main Admin navigation. This will take you a listing of all users.  Click on the Add New button.

This will take you to the Add New User window. Enter the person's username, first and last name's, and their email address .Note that Username is what people use to log in with. I'm not sure if can have spaces or if it's case sensitive or not. This has to be unique among all users.Choose a Role for the new user: Probably Club Member?

Click Add New User and if you left Send User Notification on, they will get a confirmation email. They'll have to visit the link in the mail to set a password.

You can also type in a password for them. This is handy if they're standing next to you in person. If this is the case, they can ignore the email about needing to set a password.

Tip: You can just straight to the Add New User window by hovering over the Users button in the main Admin navigation and choosing Add User.

Example: Here I'm creating a new account for Test User 10 with a manual password (Notice this is a crappy password!) and I also entered a date into the field called Automatic EOT Time. I don't know if this will be handy or not but it will change their role back to Unconfirmed Member on that date and they will lose access to the membership sections of the site.