ADMIN Help – Edit a Club Member


Sometimes you need to makes changes to someones account. More often then not it'll be to just upgrade them to Club Members so that's what we'll cover here.  But, notice that you can do other things like change people's email addresses and passwords too.

Note that when you change the Role of an account (make them a Club Member, for example), that account should get an email notifying them of the change. However, this doesn't always seem to work 100%.


There are a couple ways to make changes to a club member's account.

Method 1

When you first log in you're taken to the Dashboard and shown a widget that displays the last 10 people to sign up for accounts. Accounts that not yet confirmed are in red.

Click on any of the names listed and you'll be taken to the Edit User window. From here you can change almost everything but for this example look for Role and change that to "Club Member". Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Update User.

Method 2

This way is almost the same as above except you click on the Users button in the main Admin navigation. This will take you a listing of all users. To change an account just hover over one and you'll see some extra options appear.

Click Edit and you'll be taken to the Edit User Windows just as in Method 1.

Method 3

This way is similar to the previous method but is a little simpler. This method also lets you make changes to multiple accounts all a once.

Click on the Users button in the main Admin navigation just we we did before. This time, however, notice the checkboxes next to each account's thumbnail. Click the box next to each account you want to change then, at the top of the window, select the Change Role To drop down and choose "Club Member". Click the change button.